How To Grow Anything In Australia!

No matter where you are in Australia, we have you covered, from temperate climate, to sub tropical and tropical. Once you know your climate, you will know what you are able to grow and what is to your advantage. Next you will need to decide on a style of gardening, do you want to grow food? fruits? just vegetables? flowers? cacti? succulents? indoor plants, or just plain old anything that will grow?

Modern farming methods and gardening supplies really are not the most economically or even pocket friendly and much of the way we grow modern plants is convoluted and a back to nature approach definately works best. Be it hybrid seeds, modern chemical fertilisers or pest control, most people are doing it all wrong and could take a trip back in time to a more natural and simple era where nature does the work for you.

It might take more time to get set up initially, but natural gardening and farming practices and mush more fruitful and pay large dividends long term as the initial hard work pays off as nature takes over.

An Amegilla cingulata bee buzz
pollinates an eggplant flower is your one stop shop for growing information, and is constantly changing and growing. Please be patient with us as we expand out this website and get more content online weekly!

Most growers are interested in gaining the benefits of high speed growth without years of experimentation. help you grow the extra mile with information on how to grow many things.

We will be adding a shop eventually full of ethical garden products, plants and seeds from all major brands Australia Wide. For arguably the largest range of gardening equipment available check out Ebay.